The Solar Gun Witch is the second obtainable Solar Gun in the Lunar Knights game, originally held by Bea. It's a personal favourite seeing as how its power is only matched by that of the swords.

The function that makes the Witch so unique is the face that it is a guided rocket. Its upgrades include increased rapid fire. This means that eventually it will fire 3 bullets in a row, then 4, then 5. Its effectiveness is only dragged down by the stalling factor. The gun is slow to fire, and since the player stands while firing the gun, the player may find that they will occasionally be hit by an enemy in the process of firing the gun. What it lacks in speed is more than made up for in power.

The player may find that this will be the most used gun for boss battles, as you may wish to stay as far away from the Vampire or Beast as possible. It is also very powerful, so this is a bonus.

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