Luna Arc - Part 1

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35 "Django, The Vampire Hunter" March 27, 2004 ISBN 981-260-450-2
A prologue to the chapter shows citizens of an unnamed city (assumed to be San Miguel) fleeing from herds of undead. One citizen is less fortunate as he is caught and bitten by an undead Bok. He falls to the floor and then rises again as an undead.

The chapter begins with a girl named Arnica speaking to a wilted sunflower. Django walks towards the city dragging a coffin and remarks how gloomy it is. Granny warns them that the undead are approaching. Django attempts to cheer them up (however to no success). Arnica is then cornered by a Bok, and Django rescues her, allowing her to rest in his coffin while he defeats the Bok. Sheriff Holly Hooch appears to claim his rescued daughter (Arnica), and then a Bok appears. The Sheriff attempts to kill the Bok with guns - Django teaches the Sheriff that only sunlight can harm the undead.

The Sheriff is then struck with Klorofolun and begins turning into an undead zombie. He tries to attack his daughter but she is saved, once again, by Django. He senses that the sun will appear soon and runs straight to the spot. He uses his coffin (now revealed to be a Solar Coffin) to reflect the light of the sun and casts it over the city, killing all undead and stopping the Sheriff from turning into a zombie. Arnica then awakens Master Otenko, who tells Django that he is the Solar Boy, and asks to team up with him, ending the chapter.

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30 "The Most Formidable Combination?!" March 27, 2004 ISBN 981-260-450-2
This chapter shows Otenko's attempts to convince Django to team up with him, and Django's continued defiance, insisting that he works alone. Otenko tells Django that he is a Solar Boy; one who can detect the presence of the sun even in the dark. Otenko begins wilting, and says that there is a limit to what Django can do alone. He asks Arnica to take him to Django. Meanwhile, Django hears that the undead cannot be defeated unless The Count is defeated. He tells the townsfolk that he will defeat The Count and save them all once again.

The Count tells his minion that he would like to invite Otenko to his mansion and if he should resist, then he would toy with him. His minion shows him a shoddy drawing that Django drew while taking descriptions from the townsfolk. This angers The Count and he swears that Django will pay.

The next panels show Django working his way through an undead area. He is eventually cornered and pretends to be an undead zombie to blend in. While still pretending, he meets Arnica and Otenko, praying that he has not really turned into an undead and telling him to snap out of it. Django only gets more angry and again insists that he wants to work alone. He smacks Otenko away, and he is then grabbed by some of The Count's bats. They start eating him, and Django is inspired to attack the bats to save him. Otenko then returns the favour, once again getting grabbed by the bats. Django uses his Solar Coffin and reflects sunlight to destroy the bats once and for all. Otenko is revived, and Django then decides to team up with Otenko, this time without question.

Another wave of bats arrives and Django unleashes his full power; with Otenko in hand, he unleashes a Bullet del Sol and destroys the bats. It is revealed that only Django can do this as the Solar Boy.

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30 "The Secret Of The Scarf" March 27, 2004 ISBN 981-260-450-2
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32 "Battle Of The Moonlit Night" March 27, 2004 ISBN 981-260-450-2
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30 "The Count Goes On A Rampage!" March 27, 2004 ISBN 981-260-450-2
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32 "Final Battle With The Count!!" March 27, 2004 ISBN 981-260-450-2
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