Vambery Tower

Vambery Tower
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Name Vambery Tower
Type Limitless Dungeon
Inhabitants Virtual enemies
First Appearance Lunar Knights

As is custom to every Boktai game in the series to date, each game has its respective "ultimate dungeon," each containing massive amounts of enemies and floors, each with a unique challenge. In Lunar Knights this is the Vambery Tower. The Vambery consists of 100 floors, all evil in their own unique way. Every 10 floors you recieve another special treasure, as long as you defeat the boss for said section. Once each area (which goes up in increments of 10) is defeated, you can return anytime and resume from there, by selecting whichever section you left off from. Be warned, while in the Vambery you cannot save or contact Laplace, so you're on your own. The treasures you obtain are as follows:

  • 1-10
    • Training Boots, Meteorite
  • 11-20
    • Sound Data (BATTLE 1), Lunasteel
  • 21-30
    • Cursed Boots, Meteorite
  • 31-40
    • Sound Data (BATTLE 2), Lunasteel
  • 41-50
    • Cursed Scarf, Fang
  • 51-60
    • Sound Data (BATTLE 3), Generator
  • 61-70
    • Cursed Mask, Fang
  • 71-80
    • Sound Data (SHOOTING BATTLE), Generator
  • 81-90
    • Eclipse Eye, Endurance Fruit
  • 91-100
    • Eclipse Goggles, Resurrective
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