Toasty: Terrenial of Sol
Full Name Toasty
Element(s) Sol
Weapons Sunlight
Obtained From Aaron
First Appearance Lunar Knights

Toasty is the terrenial of Sol. He is obtained as Aaron helps Lisbeth escape from an enemy skeleton near the beginning of Lunar Knights. Toasty is the same being as Otenko from the Boktai series, and is appropriately named "Otenko" in the Japanese version of Lunar Knights (i.e. Boktai DS). Toasty seems to have much more of an attitude than Otenko did in the first three games, and was served as the mentor to Trinity (and in turn) Aaron, after the death of Django at the hands of Sabata in Boktai 3's bad future. Equipping Toasty gives weapons the Sol attribute (Only as Aaron.) In Trance mode, press the B Button for a ranged attack, or the Y Button repeatedly for an energy-absorbing attack that can be chained. After the Trance, the time will be set to afternoon.

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