Time Glitch

The time glitch is one of the few glitches available in Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django. It is not hazardous to the game, but the player will find it extremely annoying.


[edit] What does it do?

The time glitch begins some time after the player has played the game for at least 99 hours and 59 seconds. 2 versions of the glitch have been found so far; the thing they both have in common is that you cannot change the time in the clock tower. Since you can only change the time once a day, Ennio will not let you change the time. You may be asking why; the time glitch has changed it for you. It doesn't move by much - only 1 minute per day - but after playing the game for a while, this really messes up time for the player.

[edit] Versions of the glitch

There are 2 versions of the glitch; one we have named the Eclipse glitch, the other we have called the Sunset glitch.

[edit] Characteristics of the Eclipse glitch

  • The player cannot operate the clock tower
  • The player cannot use a Sunny Clog at night (you can, but the sun brightening will not take effect)
  • The player's clock will move forward 1 minute per day

[edit] Characteristics of the Sunset glitch

  • The player cannot operate the clock tower
  • When the player uses a sunny clog, the sun will not set at night like it usually should
  • The player cannot use any sun from the outside world at night
  • The player's clock will move backward 1 minute per day

[edit] Curing the glitch

As with most glitches there is a way to cure it, and there is one simple solution found; insert the Boktai 2 cartridge into the GBA slot of a Nintendo DS, then play it. Our only guess is that the DS' internal clock interferes with the game's internal clock and stops it from moving time forwards/backwards. This may take a few times to completely settle. After the glitch has been fixed by the DS, you can play it again on the GBA without the glitch taking place.

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