Sunny Clog

The Sunny Clog is a solar manipulating item that is available in every Boktai game. The item itself is quite difficult to get a hold of but, when acquired, is probably one of the most useful items in the game. It is a sandal type item that has two outcomes (which will be explained later).

[edit] Locations

In Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand, the Sunny Clog is only available in Azure Sky Tower. This often makes life difficult for players who want to get multiple Sunny Clogs as clearing the tower itself takes a long time. In Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django Sunny Clogs are found in Dream Avenue; this can irritate a lot of players in the same way Azure Sky Tower irritated them. Luckily, however, there is another Sunny Clog available in the Ruins dungeon. However, it is a hidden item.

[edit] Use and Function

See Solar Sensor

When used successfully, the Sunny Clog can benefit gameplay greatly. It adds two bars of sunlight to the solar gauge. This means that even if you play in the dark, you can still use functions that activate with sunlight. If you go outside while the Sunny Clog is activated, the strength of the sunlight will add to the strength of the Sunny Clog. For example, if the solar value outside is 3 bars and a Sunny Clog has been used, the resultant will be 5 bars, equalling in stronger sunlight.

The downside of the Sunny Clog is that it is risky. If the Sunny Clog lands upside down, the sun will be clouded, meaning no sunlight hitting the sensor will affect the solar gauge. It is advised that you use another Sunny Clog straight away and hope that it lands right-side up. The other obvious solution is to save first, then use the Sunny Clog. If it lands upside down, simply restart the game until it lands right-side up.

There is no bias toward either outcome; each side has a 50-50 chance of being the outcome.

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