Stomach Ache

Django has a stomach ache. There are no doctors in a Cathedral!

Stomach Ache is a status condition that takes place when Django, Sabata, Aaron or Lucian eats a food item that (to them) tastes bad. A common cause of a stomach ache is eating a Rotten Item, but there are numerous other causes.

A stomach ache causes the screen to blur whenever the player moves. This can cause big problems if you cannot see beyond the blur. Adapting yourself to this situation is great practice, however. When you get desperate and all your items have spoiled, eating these items will not bother you whatsoever. The stomach ache, like most other status conditions, passes after a short period of time. It is probably the least harmful of all status conditions as it doesn't truly do any damage to the player.

Django and Sabata have a number of added vulnerabilities when it comes to stomach aches.


[edit] Red Django

[edit] Black Django

[edit] Sabata

[edit] Aaron

[edit] Lucian

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