Solar Tree

The solar tree is the main life source in the Boktai series. It has appeared in Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand and Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django. Although it serves no major purpose in the game, it is assumed that the Solar Tree is still in San Miguel in Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack. It has not yet appeared in the Lunar Knights series. Lita guards and tends to the tree in all games.


[edit] Appearance and growth

The bark of the solar tree. Over time this bark will become stronger and more complete.

The solar tree is one of the more remarkable aspects of the game in that it heals with the absorption of sunlight. Over time sol that is collected (with the use of sunlight striking the solar sensor) will be used to make the solar tree grow. At the beginning of the game, the solar tree is naught but a dead tree. Its branches are bare and its bark is torn to pieces. Over time, more leaves will grow on the tree and the bark will become stronger, until it looks just like a normal tree. The final stage that the solar tree goes into is its full glory; the pink solar tree. This is its most complete and beautiful form. When this stage is reached, pink petals will fall from the tree, but don't worry; that is meant to happen and the pink solar tree is permanent. You will not have to start the process again.

Every time the solar tree goes up a stage, the player will recieve a special gift. This can range from food items to special weapons/protectors.

In Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand, the player can check the progress of the solar tree by pressing A on its bark. The player will then see the leaves of the solar tree.

The leaves of the solar tree. These will grow in many numbers.

[edit] Functions in-game

[edit] Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

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The main use of the solar tree in this game is to grow solar fruit. By planting different combinations of fruits, more fruits and possibly new fruits will grow from the solar tree.

In this game, the best gifts awarded to the player are the sol emblem (for use in the Azure Sky Tower) and the star card. The sol emblem is used to obtain the dragoon frame, and the star card is used to obtain the astro battery.

To gain the astro battery, the player simply has to look at the leaves of the tree at sunrise. A shooting star will appear and strike the ground. The star is, ironically, the astro battery.

The solar tree is also the only way to get the pineapple grenade. You do this by combining a Revivafruit with a Bad Pumpkin.

Another use of the solar tree is morning dew. This is used to heal energy, life, turn Tonniar .Rms into Mr. Rainnots, and can even be used to get rid of the Kaamos curse. To get morning dew, similar to getting the astro battery, the player should stand under the solar tree (while looking at the leaves) at sunrise.

To turn this solar tree pink, the player must have a minimum total of 1500 sol collected.

[edit] Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

The solar tree in this game is more downgraded as it doesn't have many of the capabilities it used to have. Features removed are the planting of solar fruits and morning dew. It does, however, still grow, and even turns into the pink solar tree. To do this, the player must have a minimum total of 216,000 soll collected.

The gifts recieved from the solar tree in this game are two protectors; the earthly robe and the mail of sol. These protectors will prove to be useful later on in the game. To earn them, simply speak to Lita after the solar tree has been fully grown to get earthly robe; when the pink solar tree has grown, speak to Lita again to earn the mail of sol.

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