Solar Forging

Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django contains a new feature called solar forging. You can use solar forging after you have beaten the Cathedral and saved Smith. Solar forging lets you combine two weapons into one. It does not matter if you found it, an enemy dropped it, or you bought it. To use solar forging, you must first have two weapons of any type. Two weapons of the same name will produce another of the same name, which is useful for creating SP weapons later on in the game. (i.e. blood sword and blood sword = blood sword SP (when done properly), long sword and long sword = long sword SP). A combination of two weapons of the same type will give another weapon of that type, while weapons of two different types will yield one of the third types (for example, a sword with a sword will always give you a sword and a sword with a spear will always turn into a hammer).

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