Solar Bamboo

Django standing next to Solar Bamboo in Shinbok.

Solar Bamboo, which has been around since Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand, is a strange spiritual crystal that when stricken emits "pyre flies" that heal when absorbed or on contact. These are known as life bugs.


[edit] Solar Bamboo Shoots

Throughout the course of each game in the Boktai series, the player will find small green flashes on the ground. These are special kinds of Solar Bamboo named Solar Bamboo Shoots. To activate these shoots, the player merely has to strike them with any type of weapon. Once stricken, the shoots will appear in solid form, and then break, releasing solar bugs. After this the shoots will disappear, unlike the original Solar Bamboo.

[edit] Solar Bamboo Bugs

There are 3 types of solar bug.

[edit] Life Bugs

Life bugs are found in both Solar Bamboo and Solar Bamboo Shoots. They are green in colour and, when collected/absorbed, will restore the player's life. This is the same case when playing as Sabata and Lucian even though they are of the Dark element.

[edit] Solar Bugs

Solar bugs are only found in Solar Bamboo Shoots and are most useful when the player is indoors and short on sunlight. They are yellow in colour and will replenish the player's energy. While Lucian's energy is restored by these bugs (due to him previously being of the Sol element), Sabata's energy will not be restored as he is completely of the Dark element. Instead, energy will be taken away.

[edit] Dark Bugs

Dark bugs are only found in Solar Bamboo Shoots and are the most harmful of all bugs. They are black and red in colour. They are harmful in the way that they take energy away from the player rather than restoring it. Sabata's energy will be restored using these bugs, though Lucian's will not.

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