Sol Django

Essence of the Sun: Sol Django
Representation of Sol Django (in Japanese text: "TAIYOUUUUUUU!!")
Full Name Sol Django
Element(s) Sol
Weapons N/A
Hometown N/A
First Appearance Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack

Sol Django is Django's mightiest and brightest form. When battling The Count for the fourth (yes, FOURTH) time, Django gets knocked out by him. While this happens, the Ancient Solar Tree intervenes subconsciously with Django and Otenko to talk to them, offering them encouragement and bestowing them with the Sol Trance ability. After this conversation, Otenko fuses with Django, and together they defeat The Count for the fourth (and probably) final time. From there on, Django gains the ability to fuse with Otenko when the Trance (TRC) gauge is full. His attacks consist of Sol Prominence, which allows him to dash around in a tight circle, obliterating any small enemies within his path and damaging stronger foes. His second attack, Solar Flare, allows him to jump towards a foe and deliver consecutive, powerful kicks to them. Doing so also refills your energy meter.

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