Sol De Vice

The Sol de Vice. It is a gauntlet that fits onto the hand of a solar boy.


[edit] Introduction to the Sol de Vice

The Sol de Vice (otherwise known as the Solar Glove; oddly in Latin, this translates to "in place of the sun") is a special kind of weapon introduced - and only included - in Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django. It was given to Django by Zazie after he loses the Gun del Sol. The Sol de Vice harnesses the energy of the solar boy wearing the gauntlet and converts it into magic. There are 3 different types of magic and can be split into categories.

[edit] Types of magic

Django lifting the Sol de Vice to the sun.

[edit] Lunar

Lunar magic is [majorly] the use of elements. There are 6 elements available to use; Sol, Dark, Frost, Flame, Earth and Cloud. These elements are used to 'enchant' a weapon to allow that weapon to gain the element used to enchant it. Enchanted attacks cost Energy, which can be restored by Solar Charging. Most enemies are weak to a specific Element, and using it increases the damage dealt, allowing you to swiftly finish off foes; Skeletons of any kind must be finished off with an Enchanted attack or they will come back to life and grant minimal, if any, experience. Most of these enchantments can be used by Red Django, though Enchant Dark can only be used byBlack Django, and in turn, Black Django cannot use Flame, Frost, Earth, Cloud or Sol

There are 2 more enchantments in the lunar category. The first one is Transform. This allows the player to switch between Red Django and Black Django. This is the only Enchantment usable by the Sol de Vice that can be used by both forms, and is also the only Enchantment which does not use any energy. The other Lunar Enchantment is named Rising Sun. Like the grenade of the same name from Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand, this enchantment summons a Sun Piece, placing 4 additional bars on the Solar Gauge, though it only lasts for 30 seconds. To use Rising Sun, the player must have 100 or more energy. Regardless of how much energy the player has, all of it will disappear with the use of Rising Sun, making it risky to use. Getting two bars from a Sunny Clog is a good alternative, though the combination of both can result in quick energy restoration.

[edit] Sol

Sol Magic is the use of elemental enchantments that are not used to enchant weapons. Unlike the other categories of magic, the strength and speed of sol magic is dependent on the amount of bars on the Solar Gauge. Some sol enchantments, like Dynamite, cannot be used under a certain amount of bars on the solar sensor (in this case, 3 bars of sunlight). The only exception to this is the Sol Enchantment Freeze, which requires no sunlight to use (although it is rather weak anyway). There are 4 enchantments in this category.

  • Freeze - Requires no sunlight. If used from behind, your target is frozen briefly. It will stay frozen longer with more Sunlight.
  • Dash - Requires 1 bar of sunlight. Dash makes you dash forward. More Sunlight causes the Dash to be faster and send you farther ahead.
  • Healing - Requires 2 bars of sunlight. Healing only restores the withered plants you find in some Dungeons. It has no use in combat.
  • Dynamite - Requires 3 bars of sunlight. Dynamite can be used to destroy brittle walls, which have a different sound when Walltapped. It can also be used in combat, though it can be difficult to land a hit with it, and you are not immune to the explosion. It is most reliably used by walltapping, placing the Dynamite, and then running a few tiles away and hiding. This is particularly effective in Dream Avenue, as a combination of walltapping and dynamite can lure or push mobs on to the pressure plates.

No sol magic can be used by Black Django.

[edit] Dark

Dark magic is the use of Black Django's vampire powers. It is worth noting that dark magic is only available to Black Django, and cannot be used by Red Django. Dark magic is mostly used during the course of the Dark City level of Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django. Since this level can only be played by Black Django the first time through, a mysterious voice instructs Black Django on how to use his new vampire powers throughout the course of this level. There are 4 enchantments in this category.

  • Change Wolf - When the enemy's back is turned to the player, Black Django can transform into a wolf and bite the enemy. This will increase your health aswell as depleting the enemy's. DO NOT USE THIS ENCHANTMENT ON LITA.
  • Change Bat - This transforms Black Django into a bat. There are some areas in Dark City that can only be accessed by this form. There is also a platform where the destination is affected by the weight of the player. The bat allows you to go to the top level on this platform as it has no weight. Another remarkable technique the bat uses is that it can see hidden objects without the use of a see-all-nut (just like a real bat would use sonar).
  • Change Mouse - This transforms Black Django into a mouse. There are some areas in Dark City that can only be accessed by this form. There is also a platform where the destination is affected by the weight of the player. The mouse allows you to go to the second level on this platform as it is slightly heavier than the bat. After the player has defeated Jormungandr twice, Violet's cat Nero can be seen chasing Black Django in his mouse form.
  • Sleep - This allows Black Django to rest in your current Coffin. Depending on the type of Coffin, Black Django can regenerate health, regenerate energy, or simply just use it to hide from enemies. There is also a type of coffin (Coffin Monster Elefan) which can walk and fire solar shots at the enemy. However, Elefan is very slow and deals next to no damage. Simply battling outside of it is much more efficient.

[edit] Sabata and Dark magic

Although Sabata does not wear the Sol de Vice, he still has access to 2 special kinds of dark enchantments. These are Zero shift and Black sun. Zero shift is similar to the sol enchantment Dash, except it does not require any sunlight and it constantly moves Sabata. Black sun is similar to the rising sun enchantment, except instead of summoning a sun piece, it summons a dark piece; this blocks the sun and prevents the solar gauge from having any bars. It is similar to using a Tonniar .Rm in Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand.

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