Shadow Clan

The Shadow Clan consists of 4 Immortals. They made their appearance in Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django. After seeing the failure of the Death Clan to control Istrakan, it is revealed that the Shadow Clan was the one in charge all along. The pack is lead by Dainn. Although not technically a part of the clan, Ringo plays a large part in the Shadow Clan, as he makes his only appearance in this game. He has been turned into a vampire by The Count, and is now controlled by his thirst, and Dainn. Near to the end of the game, Dainn takes over Ringo's body for entrance to the Spiral Tower (a dark child and solar child are needed). The core plan for the Shadow Clan is to re-awaken the Eternal Jormungandr.

An odd fact is that all the Immortals of the Shadow Clan are siblings. Dainn is the only male. Their names all begin with the letter 'D'.

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