Shademan as he appears in Megaman Battle Network
Full Name Shademan.EXE
Element(s) Dark
Weapons Noise crush, fangs, bats, dashing
Location Spiral Tower
Clan N/A
First Appearance Megaman Battle Network 4

Shademan is a vampiric NetNavi who first appears in Mega Man Battle Network 4. He manages to cross over into Django's realm though and gains physical form through the power of Dark Matter, which was most likely bestowed upon him by the Will of the Galaxy, Dark. It is also highly likely that Shademan was brought into the Boktai world through Black Dainn's doing, as after Shademan's purification, an unknown voice speaks, saying that it intended to use him as a new physical body.

[edit] Role in Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

Shademan first appears at the entrance to Spiral Tower after Megaman informs Django of Shademan's presence in the real world. Shademan tells Django of how he plans to make a permanent presence in the real world as an Immortal and teleports to the top of the tower, telling Django that he must defeat all 4 Shadebats that have been placed in each corner of San Miguel; meaning that the player must go through each immortal dungeon again and find the Shadebats, defeat them, and go back up the Spiral Tower to face Shademan at the very top (where the player faced Dainn).

The Shadebats are easily noticeable. They fly round in a set patrol area, have "oddly" colored bodies and drop particles of Dark Matter wherever they fly. They are not difficult to kill; only difficult to find.

[edit] Spiral Tower: The Dark Gets Darker

Before he can be outright attacked, his Dark Guard must be broken by a Dark Enchanted weapon. You know what this means: If you aren't already Black Django, switch to him in the beginning of the battle. Then attack him until he pauses and smoke comes out of him. Then you can switch to Red Django and attack with a Sol Enchanted weapon or the Gun del Sol. Either way, this battle relies hevily on enchantments, and since there is no skylight it would be wise - and advised - to bring several energy restoring items with the usual health recovering ones. Be warned that after the Dark Guard is gone, he will become more aggressive in his attacks.

Once again, have the Solar Coffin unless you want to take the long way down Spiral Tower. Shademan's attack while in the Piledriver is Noise Crush. Kill him, and after the purification, Megaman goes back home and leaves behind two gifts: the Megabuster and a photo of himself.

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