San Miguel

San Miguel
San Miguel as it is in Boktai 3
Name San Miguel
Type City
Inhabitants Human
First Appearance Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

San Miguel, the center of life and the hub of Boktai 2, has many different aspects to it that make it quite a unique city. Ranging from the Blacksmith, to the Library, there are multitudes of different things to do while there. There is also a Clock Tower, which allows you to change the "in-game time settings," which affects day to night transition, based on the real time. There is, as well, The Solar Tree. The dark energy has almost completely killed the tree, and its up to Django to restore it to its beautiful former self. By absorbing Sol, certain large increments will restore the Solar Tree bit by bit. Doing this, of course, nets rewards of sorts. There are, overall, 8 shops/stores to choose from:

  • Kid's Armor/Potion Shop
  • The Library of San Miguel (Ran by Lady)
  • Cheyenne's Weapon Shop
  • San Miguel Coffin Shop
  • Lita's Item Shop
  • Smith's Solar Forge (Blacksmith)
  • San Miguel Clock Tower
  • The Bar (No particular owner)
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