Sabata under the light of the full moon
Full Name Sabata
Element(s) Dark / Luna
Weapons Gun del Hell
Hometown San Miguel
First Appearance Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

The wielder of Gun del Hell, the Dark Gun and Django's older brother, Sabata is the 'Dark Boy' and a 'Moon Beauty'. He wears the Lunar Scarf, similar to the Crimson Scarf, given to him by Mani. As a young child, Sabata was kidnapped by his aunt Hel, the queen of Immortals and thus, unlike Django, he is affiliated to the darkness. When he was defeated by Django, he realized that the path of the sun is the one he wished to walk, and turned on the forces of darkness. His weapon, the Gun del Hell, has many of the abilities of Gun del Sol, and recovers energy if there is no sun. Due to the Dark Matter in his body, if Sabata is exposed to too much sunlight, he will die. In Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django, he almost died after purifying the vampire-turned Django with the use of the Piledriver. In Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack, Sabata is captured by the Immortal Ratatosk and forced to act as the Immortal's puppet in awakening Vanargand, the beast of destruction. Django attempts to rescue Sabata by removing all Dark Matter from his body, but fails to save him, and Sabata fuses with Vanargand. However Django was able to defeat Vanargand and save his brother. Although Sabata is affiliated to darkness, he is not a villain and is at heart an ally of Django and his cause.

Sabata's in-game sprite looks exactly like Django's in the first game (aside from the coloration). It isn't until Boktai 2 that he gains a more "defined" sprite, sporting his drooping bangs.

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