Margrave Rymer
A close up of Rymer's face during a cutscene
Full Name Margrave Rymer
Element(s) Flame
Weapons Crossbow, drill-lance, flame bursts
Location Hunting Mansion
Clan Dark Tribe
First Appearance Lunar Knights
Rymer in his Final Form
Margrave Rymer is the first vampire of the Lunar Knights game to be fought. With the help of his Casket Armor, he has the ability to use the Flame element. He appears to be a typical vampire in the game's representation of them, with blue skin and pointed teeth, as well as red hair and a black cloak with hints of red on it (representing his flame element). He is first encountered by Lucian and Bea while they are raiding the Hunting Mansion. Bea is attacked by Rymer and fires her solar gun at him (which misses but then hits from behind), which which knocks him off balance. Rymer soon recovers though and fires a crossbow dart at her, which Lucian then protects her from with his shield.

When defeated in battle, Lucian pumps Rymer for information about a vampire with twin horns.

[edit] Gallant Rymer

Rymer in all his flaming glory.

Battling Rymer is much harder than you would initially think. He turns into a form of centaur, with a vampire as an upper body, an armored horse as a lower body, a flaming tail and a lance. He also uses his crossbow as his main weapon.

His favourite attack will be the first he uses. We'll call this Fire Stomp cause that's basically what it is. He will charge towards you (at a steady speed) with his lance, while leaving a trail of fire behind him. With his feet. Or hooves. Who knows? This is the first of his few attacks. The second, he will fire his crossbow darts at you. This is either directly, or he will fire them in the air, and they will randomly strike down. They may explode as well.

Be aware that the fire he conjures stays for at least 3 seconds once Rymer leaves it (with fire stomp or the crossbow darts; the darts last about 10 seconds). You may get rid of these with Frost element (although this is impossible during the first battle against Rymer) if you're lazy, or you can just run around and avoid them/wait for the fire to die down.

Once you've defeated Rymer, be prepared for the Piledriver and a new Terrenial.

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