Red Django

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Solar Boy: Red Django
Django with the Gun del Sol and a sword
Full Name Django
Element(s) Sol / Luna
Weapons Gun del Sol, swords, maces, spears, gun(s), fist
Hometown San Miguel
First Appearance Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

Django, also known as Red Django, is the current Solar Boy and wielder of the solar gun, Gun Del Sol. He is the main protagonist of the Boktai series. He has appeared as the main playable character in all Boktai games, and has made cameo appearances in the Megaman Battle Network series in the form of chips and in the net. He is the son of Red Ringo and Moon Beauty Mani, and brother to Sabata. He is, for the most part, a mute; having no lines in the first game, and very few lines in the second and third games. He is constantly accompanied by Otenko, messenger of the sun and Django's mentor and advisor.

Django wears the Crimson Scarf; an item of clothing previously worn by his father. It is said to be dyed with the blood of a Solar Boy; whether it was dyed in Ringo's blood, or an ancestor's blood, or a combination of the two is a mystery.


[edit] The Sun is in Your Hand

Django enters the city of death, Istrakan, and is greeted by Master Otenko, messenger of the sun. Together they enter the Fog Castle and take the coffin of the Count of Groundsoaking Blood - his "late" father's arch-nemesis - to the Piledriver to purify the passed body of the vampire. However, after the purification, Django and Otenko discover that they have been tricked, and that the Count is actually alive and well, and is hiding in Bloodrust Mansion.

Django then heads towards the Bloodrust Mansion. After a battle against the Count, Django frees the Earth Maiden Lita, who then grants Django access to the Solar Tree. Django purifies the Count, and then proceeds further on his adventure. Along the way, he is shot down by a similar gun to the Gun Del Sol - except the shot is dark. The wielder looks distinctly similar to Django, only he is paler, has purple hair and attire, and wears a blue scarf - his name is Dark Boy Sabata.

Sabata informs Django that he must defeat Garmr and Muspell - beings of Frost and Flame, respectively, who have become Dark Guardians - to progress further in their adventure. Django does so, and meets Sabata numerous times along the way. Django eventually purifies both Garmr and Muspell, and Otenko informs Django that their next step is to go to Sol City - the city of the sun. After navigating through Delusion Forest, Django and Otenko head to Sol City.

In Sol City, Django fights Sabata for the first time - though Sabata is too agile for you to strike him (however research has shown that this IS possible, though the process is very difficult). Sabata eventually stops and tells Django that they will fight another day. Django progresses through Sol City, and eventually comes to a door, eavesdropping on a conversation between Sabata and another being named Carmilla. Sabata teleports behind Django and encourages him to go and meet Carmilla. Otenko does not trust Sabata and goes in first to investigate. He is struck and petrified, and disappears after summoning a Piledriver. Django defeats Carmilla in his dead master's name.

Django with the Gun del Sol raised to the sky.

After purifying Carmilla, Sabata informs Django that his next step is the Dark Castle, where Hel, Queen of Immortals, resides. Django fights reincarnated versions of the immortals he has previously defeated in the Dark Castle, and eventually fights Sabata again. This time, Django IS able to strike Sabata. As Sabata is almost defeated, he goes berserk and does not hold back against Django. However, Django manages to defeat him, and Sabata kneels down in defeat. Otenko then emerges from Sabata's body, who informs Django that in order to stay alive, he infused himself with Sabata's spirit.

In the final scenes of the game, Hel informs Django that she is in fact the sister to Django's mother, Mani. This means that she, too, is a moon child, and at the same time a Dark Immortal. As a battle against Hel begins, Otenko tells Django that an ordinary Piledriver is not strong enough to defeat an immortal like Hel; instead, a different form of Piledriver must be used so that Django can activate the special attack Wild Bunch. He attempts this but Hel transforms into her true immortal form. As Django is about to be destroyed by Hel, Sabata intervenes and rescues Django. Together they use a Luna Wild Bunch attack and eventually destroy Hel.

Otenko is not completely saved, however. The Wild Bunch attack took its toll on him (due to the inclusion of Dark Matter). It is then up to Django to rescue him by using a Solar Charge. If Django rescues Otenko, the credits roll, and Sabata informs the duo that they must progress onwards, to San Miguel. If Django fails to rescue Otenko, Sabata says the same, though sympathy is shown towards Django.

In a following side-quest in the Azure Sky Tower, eventually Django will come face-to-face with the Silvery White Knight, who has been angered by someone turning his comrades Garmr and Muspell into Dark Guardians. After a fight, the Silvery White Knight acknowledges Django as the being who rescued Garmr and Muspell, and gives Django an additional gun part.

[edit] Solar Boy Django

The second game starts with Django and Otenko on the road to San Miguel. On the way, Django sees a vampire, dressed in a trenchcoat and a hat. Startled, the vampire attacks Django and steals the Gun Del Sol. Even more surprisingly, this vampire successfully attacks Django with the gun. Normally this would be impossible for any normal vampire to accomplish.

Django and Otenko approach the vampire.

Progressing further, Django meets Zazie, a star reader and Sunflower Girl. Seemingly irritated that the Solar Boy has lost his signature weapon, she gives Django a magical gauntlet named the Sol De Vice, and instructs him on how to use it. Django also picks up a Gradius, a form of dagger, giving Django access to new sword weapons. Later on, Django is able to wield a hammer type weapon and a spear weapon, as well as using his fists.

When they reach San Miguel, Django and Otenko discover that the city has been, for the most part, deserted. Only Zazie and a young girl named Violet are left. Violet "persuades" Django to go and rescue Steel Smith, her grandfather and Ringo's mentor. Django goes through the Cathedral and rescues Smith, and confronts the immortal Duneyrr. After purifying her, Django, Smith and Violet's cat Nero return to San Miguel. Smith runs the Solar Forgery while Violet runs the Warehouse. There is also a Solar Bank, Dark Loans and Coffin Shop.

Progressing further, Django heads for the Ruins dungeon. On the way, he once again meets his brother, Dark Boy Sabata. Sabata informs Django that an immortal lies ahead, but he has no intention of working with him. He later swallows his words after being forced to work together to fight the vampire that stole Django's solar gun at the beginning of the game. After being defeated, the vampire loses his hat and reveals his hair to be similar to Django's. He is revealed to be Red Ringo, Django and Sabata's father. Again startled and out of control, Ringo bites Django and flees. It is then up to Sabata to purify Django.

Django wielding the Solar Sword.

The Piledriver would usually kill a dark being like Sabata, but luckily he is only knocked unconscious. Django, however, suffers; he emerges from the coffin as a vampire - Black Django. He loses most of his Solar abilities and most of his Luna powers, but gains new Dark powers, exclusive to this new vampire form. This makes Django's life much harder. He progresses onwards to the immortal dungeon, Dark City, where he learns to harness his new Dark powers. He meets Cheyenne who, acting on impulse, attacks Django for being a vampire. Django defeats Cheyenne, and he realises that he was wrong about Django. He then returns to San Miguel and opens a weapons shop. Progressing, Django confronts Durathor, an immortal who uses the power of plants and nature against her foes. Django defeats her, but before activating the Piledriver, Django falls unconscious - the solar energy required for the Piledriver is too much for a vampire to handle.

Through the help of his friends and (most importantly) his brother, Django is able to change back into his original Red Django form. He now gains the ability to freely switch between Red and Black Django through the use of the Luna ability, Transform. Django purifies Durathor and is almost stuck to continue - he meets his father at the Aqueduct, who instructs Django that he must get all 3 Tarot cards to proceed to the next immortal. When Django brings the Tarot cards to Ringo, Sabata intervenes and tells Django that Ringo is not who he appears to be. Ringo then swipes at Django and steals the cards and proceeds. Ringo is then revealed to be Black Dainn, who has possessed and controlled Ringo from the beginning. He claims that he is the "true Dark Boy", much to Sabata's annoyance. Sabata pushes Django out of the way of a fatal attack, and Django eventually fights Dvalinn - a Frost immortal and the final of Dainn's sisters. Django defeats her and purifies her.

The next phase is to defeat Dainn atop the twin towers - the Solar Tower and the Dark Tower. Alternating and helping each other, Django and Sabata must navigate their way through both towers until they get to the top, where they battle Dainn in a similar fashion to the way they battled Ringo. Halfway through the battle, Sabata is knocked unconscious and Django fights Dainn alone. He then purifies Dainn, along with Ringo, who tells Django not to linger on his father's memory (he was the one who prevented Dainn from breaking free). Before being defeated, Dainn lifted a powerful bind that had the potential to release a powerful monster that lay beneath the towers. Django, Sabata and Otenko travel to the two towers again, where there is a door with the Luna symbol and colours on it. Sabata is able to open this door by becoming a Moon Beauty. Django and Otenko then navigate their way through the Undead Zone.

The climax of the game shows the citizens of San Miguel helping out Django behind the scenes by rebuilding the seals. Django eventually gets to the very bottom of the Undead Zone, where he comes face-to-face with the hideous image of the Ancestor Piece - Jormungandr. He must defeat Jormungandr to prevent the destruction of San Miguel and, as a result, the world. Django fights Jormungandr and before it can be defeated, it swallows Django. Through the help of all the citizens of San Miguel, and Zazie activating the Piledriver, Django is able to gather enough Solar Energy to be freed of Jormungandr's hold. It is then locked away, never to be heard of again.

[edit] Sabata's Counterattack

The third game begins with Django being sealed away in an underground prison, and he appears to have amnesia (assumed due to his memory loss). Guided by Otenko, he uses the newly enhanced Solar Gun to escape the Sealed Prison. At the end of the dungeon, Django and Otenko are stopped by a dark seal strengthened by the tombstone above ground. A time traveller from the future - named Trinity - breaks the seal accidentally by landing on it from the sky. He runs away and Django escapes; he then regains part of his memory. He remembers Sabata and a new group of immortals defeating him, and then burying him in the prison.

He travels back to San Miguel and after talking to everyone, he eventually remembers everyone in the city. Violet has taken care of Django's room for him in his absence. The Coffin Shop Keeper gives Django a new coffin - the Vector Coffin, which transforms into a motorcycle - to help him on his travels.

[edit] Extra information

In Japan, Django appears in Boktai DS: Django and Sabata as the main protagonist along with Sabata, however in the English port for the game - Lunar Knights - the main character's name is changed to Aaron. Regardless of name though, there are heavy differences between this incarnation and the past one.

Although Django has lunar blood in his veins, he rarely demonstrates this as opposed to Sabata. He does, however, use Lunar Magic through the use of the Sol de Vice.

Django has the ability to change into 2 different forms; Sol Django and Black Django.

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