A rough-sketch of Ratatosk
Full Name Ratatosk
Element(s) Flame
Weapons Whip, Shadow puppets, warp-portals, Chakrams
Location Dark Castle
Clan Demon Clan
First Appearance Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack

[edit] Ratatosk the Puppeteer

Ratatosk is an Immortal with long red hair, a white coat with a feather boa around his neck, pale blue skin and a whip. Ratatosk is one of the sole survivors of the Demon Clan of Immortals, which was nearly wiped out by the Lunar Clan. As a puppet master, one of Ratatosk's powers is to take control of other people, or to create shadow versions of people or things he has seen. Interestingly, he chooses not to carry out the Will of the Galaxy, Dark, but instead deceives the other Immortals for his own selfish desires. However, he does seem to have some slight noble motivation; when speaking with Django during his purification, Ratatosk says that without him controlling it, Vanargand "will destroy the world".

The final battle against Ratatosk takes place in Hel's throne room in Dark Castle.

In Trinity's future, Ratatosk succeeds in his plotting and becomes the Lord of Destruction. Alternatively, in Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack, due to Trinity's intervention, Django is able to defeat Ratatosk before the Puppeteer's plans reach fruition, thereby creating a type 1.3 divergent timeline, where both the future of the Boktai and the Lunar Knights games exist concurrently.

Ratatosk introducing himself in the White Forest.
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