Before each game starts, a prologue is spoken by a narrator or an in-game character. They are a vital part to the plot of the story, and quite interesting to read/hear.


[edit] Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand



In a place not too far from here and now, the end of the world approaches.
The undead appear, breaking the natural cycle of life and death.
The evolution of species ceases, and one by one, they become extinct.

[edit] Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django



Once Sun and Moon retreat into darkness, grand twilight descends on the wedge-binding City of the Sun.
A deep shadow is then born in its wake.
The beginning of the end.

[edit] Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack


The end of the world...

People forgot about the
Sun. It was a dark age...

With the appearance of
the Dark Tribe, the world
was shrouded in fear.

The living turned undead
and roamed the earth.

Thanks to the warriors,
the people's last hope,

It seemed the sun had
returned, and a brief
respite had been earned.

But the warriors were
defeated, betrayed by
their friend,

and they were never
seen again.

The Beast of Destruction

and the world was
plunged into eternal

When the Sun returns,
it is said the warriors
shall awaken once more.

But who will be able to
take back the Sun...

now that the warriors
are gone?

[edit] Lunar Knights


The Stellennuim...
An age of lawlessness and chaos...
Where man wanders the stars, and might prevails over right.
This remote planet on the frontier is no exception.
From time immemorial, the Dark Tribe -- a group of vampires -- has struck fear into humanity and threatened mankind.
Now, with the help of a new power obtained from the realm of the stars, they've taken the paraSOL -- an Environmental Manipulation System -- and summoned an alien sky to rid the world of light.
Beneath its shadow, the hopes and dreams of an entire planet hasslipped into the darkness...

However from within that darkness, two young heroes emerge...
One, wielding the Legendary Dark Sword, fights a neverending battle against the vampires.
The other, whose power has yet to awaken, holds the essence of the Sun within his very heart.
The story of these two boys is about to begin...

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