Pork Cannon

Pork Cannon
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Name Pork Cannon
Element(s) No Element
Description A cannon manned by a Pork. Attacks with Sol Shots when you approach.
Dropped Items None
Rarity Uncommon
First Appearance Lunar Knights

The Pork Cannon is the lesser version of the Pork Cannon Mk.II, and much like its counterpart has two distinct vulnerabilities. Pork Cannon's are completely venerable from behind and side, in which Lucian can destroy them in no time - or Aaron from just outside their attack trigger zone. If you are heading towards them from the front, you will need to have good reflex's to shield against their Sol Shots.

Pork Cannons can be found on almost every Dungeon within Lunar Knights and pose little to no threat when aware of their attack style.

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