Representation of a sinister looking Polidori
Full Name Polidori
Element(s) N/A
Weapons N/A
Location Planet Eater Byron
Clan N/A
First Appearance Lunar Knights

An Immortal by the name Polidori, he is an emissary from space, come to Earth to rule the cosmos and plunge the world into everlasting darkness for the benefit of the Immortal race. Polidori is seen as the final boss in Lunar Knights, and has a wide variety of attacks and forms.

Polidori's first form has him submerged in a pool of vampire blood, using a mutated new body.Whenever he surfaces he'll use one of several unigue attacks.Often he'll manifest the blood into a Casket Armor of a past vampire boss(The ressurected bosses cannot be hurt). As Margrave he'll fire flaming arrows into the air which rain down on Lucian/Aaron,the Poes will attempt to double team with a clothsline, legdrop combo,and as Baron Stoker a swift small series of splashes will warn of the impending charge.He will even summon Duke Dumas when his life dips below half.When the Duke is summoned he'll attempt three extremely swift slashes,if even one connects the attack will toss the victim into the air only to land on a VERY painful spinning slash .He can summon organic spikes to impale the duo, or send his arms to grab and squeeze the life out of his foes which must be escaped by mashing the D-Pad.He will even attempt to go under the two to consume them with a large pair of jaws for massive damage(as well as heal him,though this attack also be escaped by mashing the pad). Occasionally a winged blue creature will appear when he surfaces,that is his true form guarded by his unusual shell which will fire either strange blobs(Grey can be deflected to hurt him,Green poisons on contact and are unblockable), or a spread of small energy bullets using the range to defend his exposed body(An exploitable blindspot exists in this tactic). The most dangerous aspect of this form is his size making it easy to get hit whenever he surfaces,but all in all,he's not an overly difficult boss.

Polidori in his normal state.

The second form is a giant version of his true form fought in space. To inflict harm to Polidori, you have to either hit his eyes under his body,his mouth under his body or his giant eye with Laplace. His arsenal consists of energy rings which have to be carefully maneuvered through, small shots fired from his eyes and using magic to manifest meteors to chuck at the Mobile Fighter.There are multiple openings even while he's attacking so he can be taken down extremely quickly.While simple to defeat,this battle is done in three phases.After the third phase, Alice fires the Sunflower's Purifex at Polidori damaging him enough for the Mobile Unit to enter and confort his real form.

The last part of the fight is literally just firing at Polidori before your life runs out.The terrenial is automatically set to Nero regardless of the previously used terrenial and movement is not allowed,in addition your life is drained constantly during the encounter.

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