Edgar and Virginia Poe
Aaron and Toasty confront the Poes in the sewers
Full Name Edgar and Virginia Poe
Element(s) Dark/Cloud/Earth
Weapons Robots
Location Old Culiacan Sewers
Clan Dark Tribe
First Appearance Lunar Knights

The Poes are 2 vampiric siblings that, with the help of their casket armor, use the elements of Cloud and Earth. Their names are Edgar and Virginia. They take the appearance of regular vampires; blue skin, pointed teeth and narrowed eyes. The difference with this pair is that Edgar has green hair while Virginia has pink hair. Edgar is dressed in a pink robe and Virginia is dressed in a green robe, and they each control a robot according to that robe's colour - this means that Edgar is the one with the Cloud element and Virginia is the one with the Earth element.

They are responsible for capturing Ernest and Kay. When Aaron confronts the pair while escaping from the guild, Ernest and Kay jump in to protect him. It is later discovered by Bea that Ernest and Kay were captured, and together with Lucian, Aaron goes to the sewers to save them (they will later discover that bigger things are happening).

As a side note the siblings are named, unsurprisingly, after "Edgar Alan Poe" and his wife/cousin "Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe". The scene of them in each others arms and speaking almost romantically after being Pile Drived is most likely a reference to this as well.

[edit] Poe-bots

In battle, these robots are quite unique. They use a number of special attacks; Edgar uses a rapid punch while Virginia uses a rapid kick. This can inflict a lot of damage to the player if the attack connects (to escape it, mash the D-pad). They also fire petro-beams which don't do much beyond damage, but are guided so are very difficult to avoid the first couple of times. As an added bonus, they will charge at you, whether they're on the other side of the field or 2 feet away from you.

In addition to the elemental advantages (and disadvantages), they also have a special ability. While Edgar's robot is resistant to gun attacks, Virginia's robot is resistant to sword attacks (Lucian expresses his shock to this after the battle by saying "I never thought I'd need a brat like you"). You may want to figure out a strategy before facing this difficult duo.

[edit] The Golden Poe-bot

After you've defeated both of them together, the two will fuse together as a golden robot.

This one isn't so different except that it doesn't have a particular element and it's twice as strong. Despite this, if you're used to avoiding the regular Poes' attacks, this one should be easy. They use both kicks and punches, but they cause the same damage so it doesn't really matter. More good news, both bullets AND swords effect the golden robot, so add your special Terrenial's abilities (Toasty and Nero) to your weapon and send them packing. If you've saved your TRC special for this moment, then you can use that too to end the battle quickly.

When you've defeated them, get ready for the Piledriver and 2 new Terrenials.

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