Perrault is the second Terrenial of Darkness. She is the other half of Nero, who is Lucian's Terrenial. She belongs to Duke Dumas, and fuses with him near to the game's climax, in turn creating the ultimate Vampire.

Perrault strongly believes in the Vampires and their intentions to take rule of the world. She believes that humans are a pathetic race and far inferior to the Vampires and Undead, who are free from the cycle of life and death. She explains this during the conversation with Lucian and Aaron, much to the dismay of her fellow Terrenials.

The English version of the game makes many mistakes in reference to Perrault's gender. It is only the Terrenials who know her gender (they speak of it), and even they get mixed up, apparently. It is accepted, however, that Perrault is female, as she is the exact opposite of Nero; lighter colour, different views, etc, so it is assumed that Perrault must be female as well.

Perrault pilots the mobile space fighter Schrödinger.

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