Exclusive to Lunar Knights, the paraSOL system is a state of the art machine, capable of completely shifting climates to the users preferences. Every time a terrenial is freed from each respective Casket Armor, a new section of the paraSOL is unlocked. The climates range anywhere from Balmy Subtropical to Arctic, and each climate has its own amount of rainfall, wind speed, temperatures, etc. The paraSOL system also contains a very dark true form - Planet Eater Byron. Polidori plans to use Byron to once again rule in darkness, creating a universe where Immortals are the supreme race.


[edit] Frigid Artic

"An extremely cold climate with frequent ice and snow."

  • General Weather: Low temperature, humidity, and wind speed
  • Special Conditions: Snow, Aurora

[edit] Balmy Subtropical

"A warm, hospitable climate."

  • General Weather: Moderate temperature, humidity, and wind speed
  • Special Conditions: 20% chance of Meteor Shower at night

[edit] Tropical Rainforest

"High temperatures and lots of rain make this a perfect climate for plant life."

  • General Weather: High temperature and humidity, low-mid wind speed
  • Special Conditions: Rain, Thunderstorm

[edit] Arid Desert

"A dry climate that seldom sees rainfall."

  • General Weather: High temperature, low humidity, mid-high wind speed
  • Special Conditions: Sandstorm

[edit] Humid Continental

"A windy climate where snow often takes the place of rain."

  • General Weather: Low temperature, high humidity, high wind speed
  • Special Conditions: Sleet
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