Muspell faces Django
Full Name Muspell
Element(s) Flame
Weapons Fireballs
Location Fire Top Mountain
Clan N/A
First Appearance Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

Muspell is a Flame Immortal and one of the two bosses that the player has to defeat before advancing further in the game. He was an ally of the Silvery White Knight, along with Garmr, another of the Immortals the player must defeat.

Muspell is a giant Golem, and rolls up in a ball to attack you, just as a regular Golem would. He can also split into three smaller golems, and pound the ground to make rocks fall on you. Fighting Muspell is one of the easier-known methods of upgrading the Luna lens level, as you can use it to push him into lava.

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