Megaman as he appears in Megaman Battle Network
Full Name Megaman.EXE
Element(s) Null
Weapons Mega Buster
Hometown N/A
First Appearance Megaman Battle Network

Megaman is (for the most part) the main character of the entire Megaman franchise, and the main mascot for Capcom. It has been running from 1987 to the present day. The franchise has spawned many sequels and spinoffs, including Megaman Zero, ZX, Battle Network, the Megaman X series, and most recently the Megaman Starforce series. It has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and to date has released 108 games, including spin-offs and sequels. Megaman himself has made several cameo appearances, including appearances in the Boktai series and most Capcom Vs games.

[edit] Bio/Role in Megaman Battle Network Series

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In the Megaman Battle Network series, Megaman is the Navi that you can control in the Megaman Battle Network games. He is operated by Lan, a sixth grader living in ACDC Town. Megaman is actually Lan's twin (named Hub), but died at birth. Lan's father kept Megaman's DNA, and invented the PET for Megaman. This started all of the Navis, and battling between them (fun, competitive, or life/death). Megaman has had to save the world many times (with Lan), and has been tempted by the Dark Chips in Battle Network 4, 5, and 6.

Megaman has a darkside, that Nebula has tried to unleash numerous times, and has been successful. Megaman can withstand it though, and always comes to. He beats numerous enemies, friends, and others in the games.

He is known as Rockman in Japan.

[edit] Bio/Role in Boktai 2

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When Jormungandr has been defeated & the game is started again, the player can walk towards the Piledriver from Spiral Tower. You will then find that the PET (gained after Jormungandr is defeated) has been activated, and Megaman is inside. From this, you will encounter Shademan, and eventually defeating him will earn you the Megabuster and a photo of Megaman. Megaman then returns to his world through a dimensional distortion.Megaman's only other role in the game is through Crossover Battle and Crossover Points.

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