This is the Megabuster weapon as it appears on a data card.

Dating back to 1990, Megaman has always used the Megabuster as his trademark weapon. Grafted into his arm, the Megabuster has slayed many enemies. As it relates to Boktai, in Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django you can activate a Crossover quest, in which Django must help Megaman defeat Shademan, a sinister NetNavi from Megaman's universe. Once completing this quest, Megaman grants you the Megabuster, a powerful projectile-type weapon. It however, is not able to charge until you obtain the Mega Power armor. The Megabuster is a semi-automatic weapon, meaning it fires as fast as you can tap the fire button. Stats of the Megabuster are as follows:

  • Power - 85
    • ENE - 20 (per shot, charge shot is more)
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