Mani is the name of the Lunar Maiden referred to throughout the Boktai series. She is the mother of Django and Sabata, and sister to Hel. Although she does not make any appearances in the games, she is considered a central character, since she is related to the main characters of the story and that of the immortals.

Mani is a Moon Beauty, and passed down Lunar Blood to both of her children (resulting in Sabata's transformation into a Moon Beauty) to protect them from darkness. She also gave Sabata's Lunar Scarf to him, which - like the Crimson Scarf that Django wears - is dyed with the blood of a Lunar Maiden.

She is constantly referred to in the first game, after being kidnapped and held hostage by her sister, Hel. She is part of the inspiration behind Django's quest to defeat the immortals. It is believed that she had once met Otenko, after he constantly refers to her in his conversations with Django (it is more than likely that Mani encountered Otenko whilst she was involved with Ringo).

Unfortunately, Django was unable to save Mani, giving her life to protect her children after the final battle with Hel. She delivers a final, inspiring monologue to Django and Sabata, and then passes.

From then on, she is referred to by either her name, the "Lunar Maiden", or simply "Moon Beauty".

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