Lunar Knights

Lunar Knights
Lunar Knights
Developer Konami
Publisher Konami
Platform Nintendo DS
Release date(s) JP: November 22, 2006
NA: February 6, 2007
EU: March 30, 2007
Ratings E10+
Players 1-4
Compatible With Lunar Knights
Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand
Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack
Preceeded By Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack
Succeeded By Lunar Knights 2 (?)

Lunar Knights (known in Japan as Bokura no Taiyō - Django & Sabata, literally Our Sun - Django & Sabata), often referred to as Boktai DS, is (technically) the 4th game in the Boktai series and the first to be based on the functions of the Nintendo DS. It has a range of new gameplay changes, and also has an entirely new cast of characters. This time, rather than Django and Sabata being the main characters (although they still are in the Japanese version of the game, in name at least), the main characters are Aaron and Lucian. Aaron/Django is discovered to be the son of Trinity, the time-traveling boy who appeared in Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack. The game has a total of 4 save files.


[edit] Gameplay Changes

Lunar Knights is very similar to the gameplay style of Boktai, but there are, of course, differentiations. Lunar Knights implements the new paraSOL system, where you can change the temperature, climate, and sunlight all in-game to suit your needs. However, the original solar sensor can still be used to an extent by inserting a Boktai 1, 2 or 3 game into the W-Gate in the DS. A new expanded system of allies, called Terrenials, can also be obtained throughout the game.

[edit] Storyline

(The following quote was taken from the Prologue of Lunar Knights)

"The Stellennuim.... An age of lawlessness and chaos... where man wanders the stars, and might prevails over right. This remote planet on the frontier is no exception. From time immemorial, the Dark Tribe -- a group of vampires -- has struck fear into humanity and threatened mankind. Now, with the help of a new power obtained from the realm of the stars, they've taken the paraSOL -- an Environmental Manipulation System -- and summoned an alien sky to rid the world of light. Beneath its shadow, the hopes and dreams of an entire planet has slipped into the darkness...

However from within that darkness, two young heroes emerge... One, wielding the Legendary Dark Sword, fights a never-ending battle against the vampires. The other, whose power has yet to awaken, holds the essence of the Sun within his very heart. The story of these two boys is about to begin..."

The day begins as Lucian (initially an un-named character) is in a bar, gathering information on a local vampire that's been terrorizing the citizens, hunting and killing them for sport. What begins as a simple mission quickly evolves into a much deeper plot. Lucian, along his travels, comes across a young boy named Aaron, an Apprentice Gunslinger, they join one another in their travels to stop the Dark Tribe, a gruesome group of elite vampires set on the enslavement of the world. Defeating each Dark Tribe member gradually leads them to New Culiacan where its leader, Duke Dumas, a sinister vampire with immense power is located. Dumas reveals the fact that he is in legion with an ancient tribe of people, the Immortals, to help conquer the planet. One such Immortal's name is Polidori, and his intentions are much darker than Dumas realizes them to be. After the Duke's defeat, Polidori makes himself and his intentions known to the two heroes: He plans to use the paraSOL system to restore it to it's former "glory," The Planet Eater Byron. Polidori also reveals that he plans to use Byron to conquer countless planets and use them so that the Immortals may forever thrive once more. Polidori teleports from New Culiacan and summons The Planet Eater...the future seems bleak for humanity. With no other options, our heroes depart for one final stand in Byron, to hopefully defeat Polidori once and for all. After many traps and hoards of enemies, Aaron and Lucian arrive at a grotesque room filled with blood, which Polidori refers to as "the primordial soup of life from which I will form my new body." It is here the final battle begins, and once he is defeated, a very long dialogue takes place. An excerpt of this dialogue::

Lucian: You!! How many lives must you consume before you're happy?

Polidori: Heh heh heh heh... It's all for the ensured future of this planet. All to propagate eternity in space... All in the name of the Immortals.

Byron is destroyed..but Polidori isn't done yet. He transforms himself into a huge space alien, in a desperate attempt to destroy the planet. Our heroes take flight in Mobile Fighter Laplace, to engage this foe for the final (final) time. After another fight, Polidori is destroyed and the world is saved...for now.

[edit] Purchase

This game is (as far as we know) still being produced and is currently available on the shelves of local game stores. You will be surprised that you can find a few copies of this game pre-owned, so if you want a better price, grab one of those; Lunar Knights gameplay will not be affected by previous ownership. This game is also, of course, available from online markets such as eBay and Amazon.

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