Dark Swordsman: Lucian
Lucian with the Lunar Shield
Full Name Lucian/Sabata
Element(s) Dark
Weapons Vanargand sword, Jormungandr spear, Hel scythe
Hometown Unknown
First Appearance Lunar Knights

Lucian is one of the two playable protagonists in Lunar Knights, he is the Dark Swordsman and wielder of the legendary blade Vanargand. He is a fairly anti-social and stand-offish young man, only fully opening himself up to his trusty comrade, Nero. Lucian can control and harness the power of darkness, a power said to be far beyond the reach of any human.

At the start of the game very little is known about Lucian's past and that is known is that he is a rather stubborn, lonely man determined to work alone, set on a single goal, which is later revealed to be defeating Duke Dumas due to his murder of Ellen. He see's Aaron as an annoying kid who he has to partner up with but eventually he grows on him. At one point it is discovered that his name used to be Sartana, though what significance this holds exactly is unknown. However, it is very strongly implied that Lucian was previously part of the Gunslinger Guild about seven years prior to the events of the game, during which he knew both Ernest and Kay. He was killed chasing Duke Dumas, who was still known as an Earl at the time.

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