Lich +
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Name Lich+
Element(s) Flame
Description A higher level Lich with flame properties.
Dropped Items ---
Rarity Rare
First Appearance Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

Lich+ is a higher leveled version of the Lich and is seen in only a few locations within the game itself. The Lich+ attacks with a variety of attacks. It's most common are a semi-homing fireball and a lava geyser which spews from the floor. Between attacks it likes to use a ring of fireballs that can cause quite a problem if you're caught up in them. As the Lich's health dimenishes, the ring becomes less formed and more chaotic. It also begins to use a fire dragon that acts much like the geysers, but for much more damage. The Lich+ is not for low-level players that are inexperienced.

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