Guild Gunslinger Kay
From left to right; Ernest, Kay, and Bea
Full Name Kay
Element(s) Sol
Weapons Ninja
Hometown Old Culiacan
First Appearance Lunar Knights

Kay is an expert Guild Gunslinger, and is one of the top guild members, along with Bea and his life-time partner, Ernest. He takes the appearance of a tall dog, though he stands, runs, fights and talks like a human, and wears a pilot's hat and jacket. He wields the Ninja solar gun. Kay is first seen whilst warning Aaron and Ernest that the guild HQ is under attack. He partners up with Ernest to fend off the undead. He is next seen defending Aaron and Toasty, fighting against the Poes - again with Ernest - but is unsuccesful trying to defeat them, and is captured by the vampires.

Lucian and Aaron later on meet Kay in the Santa Cecilia Station whilst trying to rescue him from the vampires. Kay informs them that Ernest has been taken by Baron Stoker, and gives Aaron extra Ninja solar guns for use. Much later on in the game, he appears with Ernest in Planet Eater Byron to aid Lucian and Aaron while they are stuck in a trap.

Kay is implied to be an old comrade of Sartana, since he recognises Lucian as looking similar to Sartana once did.

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