Red Django in combat with Jormungandr
Full Name Jormungandr
Element(s) N/A
Weapons Mouth, swords, axes, elemental beams, hammer
Location Undead Zone ???
Clan N/A
First Appearance Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

Known as the 'Ancestor Piece', or "Doomsday Beast", Jormungandr is an Eternal sealed beneath the Spiral Tower in San Miguel. Eternals are creatures that are neither alive nor dead, but simply exist. It's called the ancestor piece because life came from it. Jormungandr possesses no reason, and only wishes to devour everything (described by Otenko as a greedy instinct that wishes to swallow everything up), which is why the Immortals felt that Jormungandr could be used to aid their cause to destroy the living. After Black Dainn broke the seal on Jormungandr, Django was able to buy enough time for the townspeople of San Miguel to recast the binding spell. Jormungandr is the final boss in Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django.

Jormungandr is indirectly referenced in Lunar Knights as Sabata's/Lucian's dark spear.

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