Fanart of Django battling Hresvelgr
Full Name Hresvelgr
Element(s) Cloud
Weapons Needle-feathers, bomb-eggs, wind-gust
Location Ancient Tree
Clan Demon Clan
First Appearance Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack

Given the title The Wings of Death, Hresvelgr is an Immortal working alongside Ratatosk, as part of the Demon Clan of Four Immortals. He was charged with gathering energy from the ancient solar tree. He manages to capture Trinity to use as a tool in fighting Django (the area where he is fought is lined with thorns, and he will occasionally conjure a gust of wind, which will blow the tied-up Trinity into them unless Django takes care to keep him out of harms way). He often uses metaphors involving the cooking of meat (ie, "I like my meals medium-rare. This is well-done. So....charred....ugh").

He is indirectly referenced in Lunar Knights, as there is an armor series that uses his name.

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