Hel, Queen of the Immortals
Full Name Hel
Element(s) Dark
Weapons Elemental attacks, dark matter attack, regeneration
Location Dark Castle
Clan Death Clan
First Appearance Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

The Queen of the Immortals, Hel is a member of the Death Clan of Immortals. She serves as the main antagonist of the first game. She is actually the sister of Mani, Django and Sabata's mother. She raised Sabata, effectively making him an opposite of his brother. Although she was queen, not all Immortals respected her as such. She is mocked by immortals from other clans, such as when Black Dainn quips, "Imagine someone like Hel becoming queen! What a bad joke!" in Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django.

She is also indirectly referenced in Lunar Knights as Lucian's/Sabata's dark scythe.

[edit] Hel - The Final Form

Hel after her transformation.

Hel's final form is a scarier one; after being struck with a solar Wild Bunch attack, Hel fuses with her sister Mani and transforms into a form that cannot be affected by the Sol element alone. Sabata arrives to support Django, and together, they create a lunar Wild Bunch attack. This is the only weapon that can effect Hel's transformed form.

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