Guns are a vital part of the Boktai series. They are essentially the main weapons throughout the series and are used in every Boktai game to date.


[edit] Uses of guns

[edit] Boktai 1

See List of Gun del Sol parts (Boktai)

The solar gun (Gun del Sol) is the only available weapon to use in Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand. The weapon's effects and strengths can be altered by the use of different gun parts. There are 4 parts to the Gun del Sol; Lens, frame, battery and grenade. The element of the gun can be altered with the use of lenses. After playing through the game numerous times, the player can earn 3 dark gun parts (which only work with each other). There are also dark grenades available, but they are not essential to the dark gun and can work with any other solar gun parts. The finished dark gun is believed to be a model of the Gun del Hell, the gun which Sabata wields.

[edit] Boktai 2

The Gun del Sol plays a smaller part in Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django as it gets stolen around the first chapter of the game. The player earns back the Gun del Sol later on in the game, but it is broken, and the fixed form has very downgraded capabilities compared to its predecessor. The gun can only fire a solar shot and a charged shot. It is of the sol element.

2 other guns can be used in this game; the Gun del Hell (used while playing as Sabata) and the Megabuster (obtained after the Megaman/Rockman sidequest). The Gun del Hell uses the dark element while the Megabuster has no element.

Like with other weapons in Boktai 2, the player has a level (or rank) determined by how many enemies have been defeated. The maximum gun level is 99. Once the player has reached this level, they can speak to Sabata, who will give you the joker emblem.

[edit] Guns In Boktai 2

  • Gun Del Sol
  • Gun Del Hell
  • Megabuster

[edit] Boktai 3

Solar Gun screen from Boktai 3.

The Gun Del Sol makes its return, only to be bigger and better, naturally. This time around, though, there is a plethora of new Frames and the usual elemented Lenses are implemented. Some frames, such as the Beatmania, also are in Boktai 3.

[edit] Lunar Knights

See List of Lunar Knights Weapons

There are numerous guns to be collected in this game. They are all used by Aaron. The element of the guns are determined by the Terrenial currently being used.

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