Guild Gunslinger Ernest
Concept art of Ernest
Full Name Ernest
Element(s) Sol
Weapons Dragoon
Hometown Old Culiacan
First Appearance Lunar Knights

Ernest is an expert Guild Gunslinger, tutor to Aaron, and one of the top guild members, along with Bea and his most trusted partner, Kay. Wielder of the Dragoon solar gun, he is the one who taught Aaron most of his solar gun techniques. He was an ally of Aaron's father - Trinity - and of Sartana.

Along with Kay, he fought the Poes - who were attacking the guild - in an attempt to defend the guild and allow them to make a safe getaway. Although the guild is swiftly rescued by Aaron, Ernest and Kay failed to hold their ground, and were captured by the vampires. Ernest is taken straight to Baron Stoker, who seals him inside a pod ready to use for his new machine. Stoker also uses the technology of the Dragoon solar gun to help him power this machine. Once Stoker is defeated, Ernest is freed from the capsule he was sealed in, and he gives Aaron a spare Dragoon solar gun.

His next appearance is in Planet Eater Byron, where he - along with Kay - frees Aaron and Lucian from a trap.

The expert gunslingers; Kay, Ernest, and Bea.
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