This page is about the emblems that represent elements. For more information about elements, see the Elements page.

The Emblems are images that represent the element that it belongs to. There are 7 emblems (although there are technically 8 elements; the Star element was not used as an emblem) but the main focus of the emblems are the 4 classical elements.

[edit] Emblem Blocks

During puzzles throughout the game, an emblem puzzle is often used. Emblem puzzles involve the usage of emblem blocks (pushable blocks with the emblem image and colour on them). The objective of an emblem puzzle is to push the emblem block onto its respective emblem panel (you can tell which panel is which because of the emblem pattern on them). Completion of this puzzle will open a door, trigger a switch, etc.

[edit] Azure Sky Tower

In Azure Sky Tower (the Limitless Dungeon in Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand), the emblems are used as items to access doors at the top of the tower. Unlocking these doors with emblems will earn the player a gun part for their Gun del Sol. Initially, when the player enters the tower, the player will automatically earn one of 4 emblems (the classical elements). As the player progresses further in the storyline, they will earn the Dark emblem (after completing the game) and the Sol emblem (after improving the Solar Tree). The player can also transfer emblems with friends through the use of the link cable. This will "clone" the emblem each player has onto the game. For example, if Game 1 has the Cloud emblem and Game 2 has the Earth emblem, then in the end both games will have the Earth and the Cloud emblem. This will only work for the 4 classical element emblems. When all 6 emblems are collected, the player will earn the Luna emblem and will be able to open the final door. This will allow the player to face off against the Silvery White Knight. If the player has reached 99 floors and defeats the Silvery White Knight, the player will earn the Infinite battery.

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