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Full Name Dvallin
Element(s) Frost
Weapons Tentacles, ink, ice blocks
Location Aqueduct
Clan Shadow Clan
First Appearance Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

Dvallin is one of the four members of the Shadow Clan, and is arguably the hardest boss in the entire game. She takes the form of a large Kraken, and as such is difficult to strike down. The player will suffer at Dvallin's tentacles a few times before defeat; don't get discouraged. This is normal. Dvallin is extremely difficult to take down on the first try.

In her normal form, she appears to be normal; in some ways comparable to Zazie. She is tall and thin, and has blonde mushroom styled hair. She also wears a pair of black glasses; the purpose of these is unknown, although this gives her the slight appearance of an old woman. She is "blessed" with the element of Frost, and when necessary, transforms into a giant Kraken, basically coloured white and blue, with yellow eyes. Aswell as being one of the hardest Immortals to get to, she is one of the hardest Immortals to defeat.

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