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Full Name Durathor
Element(s) Sol
Weapons Thorns, spike balls, impalers, poison buds
Location Dark City
Clan Shadow Clan
First Appearance Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

Durathor is one of the four members of the Shadow Clan, and is interestingly the only one of the four to keep her original form during combat. She is Dainn's "right hand", and his sister, like all members of the Shadow Clan.

Durathor takes on the appearance of plants. She has long red/pink hair and can manipulate plants and poison bees, and even drop spike balls from the ceiling. As she is essentially a plant, she has a green body. Her appearance and abilities often confuse players to believe that she is of the Earth element; this is later proved to be untrue by the files in the Library. It is explained within the story that she is the Darkness Tree that is absorbing all of the sunlight in San Miguel, preventing the Solar Tree from growing and causing the Roots of Darkness to constantly regenerate. The sheer amount of sunlight she absorbs causes her to be weak to Dark element attacks. Additionally, this may be for gameplay reasons, as your battle with her takes place when the player is Black Django, who only has access to dark magic.

After she is defeated, Lita informs you that the Solar Tree is beginning to grow. (And will continue to grow based on the number of solls you receive) Django believes that this may be due to, the now purified, Durathor's assistance as well.

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