Duke Dumas

Representation of Duke Dumas; the picture of royalty
Full Name Dumas
Element(s) Dark
Weapons N/A
Location N/A
Clan Dark Tribe
First Appearance Lunar Knights

Renowned as the ruler of Vampires, and leader of the Dark Tribe of Vampires, Duke Dumas is one of the final bosses in the Lunar Knights game. He also defeated Trinity, the famous gunslinger and Aaron's father, as well as his own king. He is the sole reason Lucian is now a vampire hunter as he is the one responsible for transforming his love Ellen into Professor Sheridan's maid, Carmilla. Lucian swore revenge on the Duke.

Dumas in his ultimate form.

Dumas' sidekick, the Terrenial Perrault, merges with Dumas to become a more violent vampire, with the appearance of an immortal. He rightfully names himself as the ultimate vampire while in this form.

     Despite his initial appearance and actions,his motives were more noble. Polidori reveals after absorbing him, the Duke became a conquerer to protect the Planet from Byron by plunging it into darkness effectively killing two birds with one stone.In addition he entrusts the future of the Planet to Lucian and Aaron when he was betrayed by Polidori.It's even implied by Lucian in a monolouge to himself that the Duke helped them escape the destruction of Polidori.
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