Dream Avenue

Dream Avenue
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Name Dream Avenue
Type Limitless Dungeon
Inhabitants Undead, Lich
First Appearance Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

Dream Avenue is a Limitless Dungeon, a labyrinth of sorts, yielding various rewards. Dream Avenue, though, has a very different composition, literally seeing as each time you enter, the floors are different. Dream Avenue consists of 10 hellish and confusing levels with 12 floors each (2 through FINAL), all with their fair share of demons. Each floor has many rooms, some containing nothing but monster traps, dead ends, or treasure chests. Chests yield anything from Sunny Clogs to Cards, various nuts, fruits, etc. Each floor has one door granting access to the next, only opened by a specific colored/shaped key. When you've managed to bash (or run like hell) your way to the top floor, you're ready to take on the Lich+. The Lich+ has a dense amount of health and can be a VERY annoying fight if you aren't at a high enough level. After defeating this terrible tyrant, you receive a grand prize of the Garb of Light, a very beasty Armor indeed. Congratulations! You earned it.

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