Demon Clan

As far very little is known about the Demon Clan or their intentions, however their members are known. There is only one surviving member of this clan of Immortals. He makes their appearance in Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack. The first noteable difference about the Immortals this time around is that The Count makes his (unwelcoming) return. Although the appearance is made, it is unknown whether or not he is a part of the Demon Clan. The clan's leader is Ratatosk. The ultimate aim for the Demon Clan is to re-awaken Vanargand, the Beast of Destruction, and in turn make Ratatosk the Lord of Destruction. Ratatosk carries out his plan by possessing Sabata and controlling his actions, eventually leading Sabata to become the Lord of Destruction (before defeating him and Vanargand) in place of Ratatosk.

The Demon Clan
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