Black Dainn
Dainn's usual appearance; he looks quite like a Dark Child.
Full Name Black Dainn
Element(s) Dark
Weapons Swords, Klorofolun, Ripper, Blood sucking, Dark Blast, Shadow Arm
Location Spiral Tower
Clan Shadow Clan
First Appearance Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

Dainn is the Shadow Immortal, a member of the Shadow Clan of immortals and the mastermind behind the plot to break the seal on Jormungandr. His plan required that he had a solar child and because of that sent The Count to turn Ringo into a vampire. He also sent The Count to spy on Hel, but to Dainn's annoyance he fell in love with Hel. Dainn claims to be the true Dark Child, which often annoyed Sabata. Having no true physical form, Dainn possesses Red Ringo so as to be able to fight Django and Sabata, and to use him to break the seal on Jormungandr. Dainn is defeated and purified using the Piledriver, however Ringo was purified with him.

As stated, he has no "true" physical body, and throughout the game relies on the possession of two characters, Nero, Violet's cat, and later Ringo to give himself a physical form. It is also very possible that he actually survived the Piledriver and brought Shademan to San Miguel with the intent of using him, as after Shademan's purification, an unknown voice begins to speak saying that it intended to use him as a new physical body.

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