Count of Groundsoaking Blood

The Count of Groundsoaking Blood
Representation of The Count
Full Name The Count of Groundsoaking Blood
Element(s) Dark / Earth
Weapons Swords, dark spikes, bats
Location Bloodrust Mansion
Clan Death Clan
First Appearance Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

[edit] The Count

The Count is Django's biggest rival, a member of the Death Clan of Immortals, the vampire responsible for Ringo's death and subsequent vamprirization. Although he is purified multiple times throughout the game series, he usually manages to revive himself and attack Django once more, declaring that he is Django's rival and shall rise again and again to challenge him. The Count is the lover of Hel, the queen of immortals, though he never manages to become the King.

[edit] Battles against The Count

The Count is by far the most persistent enemy in the game, having fought Django a total of 4 times. This does not include the sidequest in Megaman Battle Network 6, because if it did that would total to 5. The Count has the uncanny ability to return from the Piledriver again and again and again. This is a list of all the fights with The Count.

  • Fog Castle Piledriver - This is the first Piledriver battle. The reason The Count survived this was because the coffin was a dud. Although this wasn't technically a battle against The Count, this was the coffin that Ringo fought, meaning The Count survived.
  • Bloodrust Mansion Battle - This is the first battle against The Count himself. When defeated, The Count will drop a Tonniar .Rm. This is the fight before...
  • Bloodrust Mansion Piledriver - This is the first REAL Piledriver battle. After this, The Count is believed to be purified. He is, but is brought back to life by Sabata in preperation for...
  • Dark Castle Battle - This is a more lifeless version of The Count and is the final battle against The Count in Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand. The reason he survived this battle is unknown.
  • Shinbok Battle 1 - Django comes face to face with The Count once more in Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack. Django defeats him and then brings him to the Piledriver.
  • Shinbok Piledriver 1 - This is apparently the first Piledriver battle in Boktai 3. The reason The Count survives this is because he quickly transforms into a bat and slips under Trinity's robes.
  • Shinbok Battle 2 - The Count appears again and causes Dark Matter to rain from the sky. Initially Django cannot win as he cannot inflict any damage to The Count (The Count says this is because he can keep coming back again and again). However after Django changes into Sol Django, The Count is finally defeated.
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