Cat and mouse minigame


[edit] What is it?

The Cat and Mouse minigame is just that, a minigame. It is only available in Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django. You can play it after you defeat Jormungandr for a second time, and then every even number of times you defeat him after that. After you have played this minigame once, you can also speak to Nero (who is in the warehouse). Speak to him once, and then again. Two options will appear: Meow! and Meow? - choose Meow! to start the minigame.

In the minigame, you play as Nero chasing Black Django in the form of a rat.

[edit] How to play

There are 3 lanes in this game. A number of obstacles will come your way while chasing Django. Simply avoid these by pressing left or right. After time you will speed up. Once you catch up to Django you can tap the A button to pounce at him. Beware of oncoming obstacles as you do this.

You can also press the A button to jump over an obstacle. This is a riskier move, however, as you could land on the obstacle.

If Nero hits an obstacle, he will slow down. If Nero slows down too much, Django will run away from him, and Nero will fail. Some of the obstacles include bombs, bats and even bees. Bees are harder to avoid as it is difficult to tell which lane they are in. As Nero gets injured he will get bandages on him.

[edit] Score system

  • Pass an obstacle - 1 point
  • Score x2 - 30 points
  • Score x5 - 100 points
  • Score x10 - 200 points
  • Pounce - 50 points

[edit] Rewards

Sometimes, if the player earns enough points, Nero will give the player a free item from the warehouse. This can range from a piece of jerky to photos, and even protectors. However, these rewards can only be earned if you play the minigame from the warehouse (rather than the end credits).

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