There are 23 Tarot cards, each with different effects. Most of them first appear in Boktai 2.


[edit] Green or Blue Cards

Green cards and blue cards are one use consumables and are mainly found in Dream Avenue.

[edit] The Fool

Card of potential. Restart an area from the beginning.

This is meant as a way of freeing yourself if you somehow get trapped in a block puzzle. Using this card counts as a continue. The Dark Card can also be used for the same effect at the cost of soll.

In Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand, The Fool is obtained as a key item after defeating the fake Count. Alice's comm link in Lunar Knights provides the same function.

[edit] The Lovers

Card of choice. Recovers all Energy.

When used, either Lita or Carmilla will appear next to Django on the status screen as your energy refills. Carmilla randomly appearing is probably a bug - perhaps she was meant to show up if and only if you are currently controlling Sabata.

[edit] The Emperor

Paternal card. Protects from all properties for a given time.

The effect lasts 30 seconds. It does not negate damage, only reduce it.

[edit] Justice

Card of justice. Inflicts loss of Life back onto nearby enemies.

Spiked balls fall and all enemies onscreen take damage equal to the amount of health you've lost.

[edit] The Hanged Man

Card of sacrifice. Swaps Life and Energy.

[edit] Death

Card of death. Restores Energy in exchange for Life.

[edit] Temperance

Card of harmony. Carries out maintenance for selected weapons.

All currently equipped weapons are fully repaired, if they have damage meters.

[edit] The Devil

Card of desire. Summons darkness bugs.

[edit] The Tower

Card of havoc. Hurts nearby enemies and yourself based on level.

Spiked balls fall and everyone onscreen takes damage.

[edit] The Star

Card of hope. Exchanges an item in your bag for a brand new one.

Picks a random item and resets its freshness meter. It may end up choosing an item that doesn't spoil, having no effect.

[edit] The Moon

Card of anxiety. Summons moon bugs.

[edit] The Sun

Card of happiness. Summons solar bugs.

[edit] Judgment

Card of revival. Restores full life when down to zero.

This is the same as the Revivafruit from Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand.

[edit] Red Cards

Red cards boost stats permanently. A limited number of them are found in various green chests.

[edit] The High Priestess

Card of intelligence. Raises Spirit.

[edit] The Empress

Maternal card. Raises Vitality.

[edit] The Chariot

Card of victory. Raises Agility.

[edit] Strength

Card of courage. Raises strength.

[edit] Wheel of Fortune

Card of destiny. Raises Status.

Affects a random stat for a two point boost.

[edit] Gray Cards

Gray cards are key items. The three sages are used to open the Aqueduct, while The World is a trophy.

[edit] The Magician

Card of creation. One of the 3 Sages.

[edit] The Hierophant

Card of mercy. One of the 3 Sages.

[edit] The Hermit

Card of pursuit. One of the 3 Sages.

[edit] The World

Card of Achievement.

Obtained upon obtaining all titles.

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