Bounty Boots

Bounty Boots
File:Bounty Boots.jpg
Boots said to have been used by a legendary bounty hunter.
Location Bought from Shop in Old Culiacan
Buy Price 9999
Sell Price 2000
Worn on Lower Body
Stat Boost None, Doubles earned Soll, but prevents you from earning any Experience.

While the lack in any Experience gains may put you off buying these boots, they are extremely useful if you find yourself a little low on funds throughout your adventure. The best location to use the Bounty Boots is at the Old Culiacan Sewers, by talking to the Hot-Headed Guildsman at the Guild Hideout a certain number of times, he will give you a Battle Trial Quest. Due to the nature of this quest and the high concentration of monsters in such a limited space, it makes this location the perfect spot to use your Bounty Boots.

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