Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack

Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack
Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack
Developer Konami
Publisher Konami
Platform Game Boy Advance
Release date(s) JP: July 28, 2005
Ratings N/A
Players 1
Compatible With Lunar Knights
Megaman Battle Network 6
Preceeded By Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
Succeeded By Lunar Knights

Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack (also known as Shin Bokura no Taiyō Gyakushū no Sabata), more commonly referred to as Shinbok, is the 3rd game in the Boktai series and the last game of the series to appear on Game Boy Advance. The game is most famous among Boktai fans as being the only Boktai game to be a Japanese-exclusive release, and as such little is known about this game. The solar sensor has made its return to this game and, like its predecessor, has but one save file available.


[edit] Gameplay Changes

Immediately players will notice that a new mode of transportation has been added: the Vector Coffin. This coffin also interchanges between a bike, and is used to transport Django between dungeons. Another change to gameplay is that the solar gun (Gun del Sol) has also made a return. Apparently the gun has all the capabilities it had in the first game (Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand), and there are also numerous weapons to be collected. The final and most exciting [noticable] change to gameplay is, like in Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django, Django has gained a new form. This new form is obtained by fusing with Otenko, and is known as Sol Django. Black Django (Django's vampire form) is also available in this game.

The Japanese game pak for Shin Bokura no Taiyou: Gyakushu no Sabata. The solar sensor has clearly stayed in this game.

[edit] Plot Details

The story begins with The Legend of The Warriors of Light. The legend goes that the Warriors were betrayed by their friend and never even fought the Eternal Beast. Because of their death, Immortals rule the earth, led by the Lord of Destruction, Ratatosk.

Sabata wakes up in the moon, confused. Sabata attempts to defend himself against a mysterious enemy, but Vanargand finishes him off with a Solar beam attack. Ratatosk shows up and tells Sabata that he needs Moon Child blood to control the Eternal Beast. Ratatosk then possesses Sabata.

Django, almost killed and sealed in a grave, wakes up thanks to the vampire blood in him having prevented his death. Suffering from a small bout of amnesia, he and Otenko try leaving the catacombs, however the exit is closed. Unknown to them, a small boy from the future, Trinity, accidentally helps them, breaking the seal (by landing on it) and allowing Django and Otenko to exit.

Once outside, Django remembers the last thing he saw before he was buried - a new group of Immortals, lead by Sabata, who has apparently decided to turn against him. The newly revived Count of Groundsoaking Blood shows up and fills Django in.

Django returns to San Miguel, where he meets everyone in town, and is given the Vector Coffin/Casket Motorbike, a machine that allows him to travel across the continent, as well as act as a normal Coffin to purify Immortals.

The Solar Boy heads for the Lifeless Town, which is being attacked by the Immortals, finding that the Count is the Immortal in charge. Trinity attempts to attack the Count, but is quickly shoved aside. Django defeats The Count in battle and carries the coffin back to the Piledriver in which he purifies him, again... or so he thinks. One of the Count's bats has survived, hidden under Trinity, and he regenerates.

In the next mission, Django has to climb the Ancient Tree. At the top is Wings of Death Hresvelgr, the second Immortal, who has captured Trinity and uses him as a bait to lure Django, as well as sucking power away from the tree. While keeping Trinity out of harm's way, Django defeats Hresvelgr, taking the coffin back to the Piledriver and successfully purifies him. However, as Django tries to return to San Miguel, The Count reappears, and challenges Django. Trinity freaks out and runs. Clouds cover the sky, and Dark Matter starts to rain down on Django. Trinity realizes that The Legend of The Warriors of Light is a true story: about Django. He believes that Django dies and the world ends because he "betrayed" Django. Before the Count can kill Django, however, the Ancient Tree gives Django a new power, and clears the clouds. With these new powers he defeats the Count handily. Trinity then tells Django his story, saying that he has come from the future to change the destiny of the world that's sunk in darkness.

While traveling through the White Mountain, Django comes across the ghost of the Crying Witch/Banshee Carmilla, whose soul was apparently released from Sabata's body. She barely remembers what's happened, but she disappears before Django can learn about what happened. At the end of this scenario, Django must fight his own brother, Sabata, and defeats him. After Django purifies Sabata in the Piledriver, Ratatosk comes and takes Sabata. Django finds a note that Sabata left behind in the coffin that tells him how to get to the Dark Castle. The only way is through the Magic Cannon, on an island out at sea.

Django journeys to Pirate Island, where he learns more about Carmilla, and about what happened. Django defeats Machine King Nidhoggr, the Immortal charged with preventing Django from making it into space, and Piledrives him. Having a usable ship, Django heads back to the place where they fought. The Solar Boy enters a cannon and is fired into space, landing at the Dark Castle.

Appearing on the lowest floor, Django must climb up all the way to the top floor. After clearing the puzzles in the castle, Django reaches the area where Sabata and he once fought. Django finds Sabata here, who claims to have killed Ratatosk. Trinity appears and warns Django that it is a trap. This Sabata is actually Ratatosk in disguise. Trinity attacks Ratatosk who then beats Trinity with a whip. Django transforms into Sol Django, but he is paralyzed from an earlier attack on Otenko. Trinity is then trapped in a Dark Dimension, and Ratatosk escapes.

As the player goes after Ratatosk, Django arrives to Hel's throne room, where he fight Ratatosk the Puppeteer, the Immortal who was controlling Sabata since the beginning. Ratatosk is defeated and purified, and Django must save his brother, he heads for the final area of the game, the lost paradise Mahabora, which is located on the Moon.

Once in Paradise (Mahabora), Django finds Sabata's soul, he learns more about his brother's attempts to find a way to revive Carmilla, and how he was tricked into this. However, Vanargand is slowly taking control of him, and to save him, Django must journey the deepest level of the Moon, where Vanargand sleeps.

Django finds Carmilla before the last level and after talking, he decides to do all he can to save the world, even if that means losing his brother.

Making it to the core, Django fights against Vanargand (and Sabata). After a long, arduous battle, Django defeats the creature. Vanargand turns to stone, petrified by Carmilla's magic. Otenko and Carmilla appear, and decide to seal Vanargand again, to prevent it awakening again. As Django rides his bike on his way to the warp panel which will return him to Earth, a loud noise distracts him from thoughts of his friends and his brother. Vanargand, freed from the petrification, starts to chase him. Django tries to flee, and almost gives up until Carmilla tells Django of the plan - bring Vanargand out into the light of the sun. A pseudo bike battle then occurs. As Django makes it out into the sunlight, Otenko or Sabata (on his own bike) is freed from Vanargand. As they reach the end of the road, Django and Otenko or Sabata combine their powers and finish Vanargand.

Some parts change depending on some actions during the game, there are four endings for this game:

  • Worst ending: Sabata is released from Vanargand's body, Black Django finishes Vanargand, Sabata dies and leaves with Carmilla.
  • Bad Ending: Sabata is released from Vanargand's body, Black Django finishes Vanargand, Sabata is alive and released from the beast.
  • Good Ending: Otenko is released and he and Django defeat Vanargand, Sabata dies and stays with Carmilla.
  • Best Ending: Otenko is released and he and Django defeat Vanargand, Sabata is released from the Eternal Beast's body alive and Carmilla stays to watch the seal on the beast.

After the credits, depending on the ending, Django is seen watching the dawn (or the Moon if Otenko is dead) at the Ancient Tree's entrance, wondering about all the events; if Sabata is alive, he'll shoot Trinity down from the tree's branches; else Trinity falls down on his own accord. He managed to escape from the Dark Dimension, and now calls himself the Legendary Warrior; if Otenko is alive, he'll get mad at Trinity and the boy will push him away; if Otenko is not alive, Trinity runs in front of Django for the final shot.

[edit] Purchase

Shinbok is the hardest game in the entire series to find. First off, you won't find it in game stores; it is a Japan-only release. And that's it. It is one the hardest games to find on online stores, and if you're going to attempt to find it, we wish you the best of luck But take it from us; this game is currently unavailable outside Japan in physical form.

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